Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hour 22

We had to get up and get motivated, so we found a dance video to help us work on our moves. ...

More evolution of dance ... FUN!

All time favorite!

hour 21

Samantha fixed up Garfield ... Samuel has been reading Garfield all night

Hour 20

The activity is beginning to slow down... several readers have been caught catnapping.  This hour the mini-challenge was yoga ... enough said ..

I think the hour calls for something more energizing ... yoga makes me relax too much :(

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hour 19

These are pictures of our library cat Chessie.
It is her blog that we are using for this event.

I like this picture ... it shows the black heart patch on her back.

She loves to climb in boxes ... perfect place for a nap.

Hour 16

I could re-read any of these books : ) Tera

Hour 17

Bob tells it like it is .. he's my favorite .. 

Hour 16

I read a book by Andrew Davidson several years ago ... The Gargoyle

This book was so intense and so well-fabricated, that I could almost believe it was possible.