Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mary's book sentence

Is this a winner?  Sure do hope so.

Rachel's book sentence

Limping Man Blessed Night Star
Will this make Rachel a winner?  She hopes so!!!!!

Lauren's Book Sentence

To Be a King, The Quest Begins Where the Pirates Are ...
Lauren's quest is to win a challenge and read through the night!

Robin's Book Sentence

Nobody Knows While My Pretty One Sleeps, a Stranger is Watching Breathless ..... Robin's sentence and she is breathlessly waiting to win a challenge!

Rocio's Book Sentence

Bettie on the High Wire, She Walks in Beauty for the WIN ...... I hope I win this challenge!

My Book Airplane

I can't bear to destroy books, even though this may be art to some... This creation is made from an old vitamin pamphlet.  About the only thing I ever folded was paper airplanes ... hence the book plane.

The origami creations are beautiful, but as for me, I prefer to read rather than fold my books.  It even makes me cringe at the thought of folding down the corner of a page to mark one's place.

My Origami Dog

I made this origami dog out of the book that is next to it. I started off with something simple, a more complex one is in development!